Lounge Chair by Mula Preta Design

Mula Preta Design Designs The Duna Loungechair Lounge Chair

Mula Preta Design, the project leader of the award winning work Mula Preta Design's Duna Loungechair Lounge Chair illustrates, Designed after the organic profile of dunes surrounding Natal, the armchair is made of certified wood, finished with f <Cropped>

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Office by Chi-Ling Yeh and Chia-Sheng Jen

Chi-Ling Yeh and Chia-Sheng Jen Portrays The Agitation Between Movement Office

Chi-Ling Yeh and Chia-Sheng Jen, the maker of the highlighted project Chi-Ling Yeh and Chia-Sheng Jen's Agitation Between Movement Office demonstrates, In the tender atmosphere present primarily by warm colors, the designer has brought into exis <Cropped>

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Surfacing Solution:perla White by Esra Arıcı

Esra Arıcı Shares The Perla White Surfacing Solution

Esra Arıcı, the creator of the awarded work Surfacing Solution by Esra Arıcı explicates, White marbles are usually found in dark veins in nature. Perla White, has been inspired due to a need that is very rare in nature. Perla White is designed <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Ring by Teong Yan Ni

Teong Yan Ni Portrays The Blue Daisy Multifunctional Ring

Teong Yan Ni, the lead designer of the award winning work Multifunctional Ring:Blue Daisy by Teong Yan Ni spells out, Daisy's are composite flowers with two flowers combined into one, an inner section and an outer petal section. It symbolizes th <Cropped>

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Modular Food Furniture

All and Enofrigo Invite You to Propose a Concept For An Innovative Product Dedicated to The Catering Industry, Based On New Applications of Technologies and Materials Already Used by The Company.new Idea Contest On Desall.com: Desall and Enofrigo Invite Y

All and enofrigo invite you to propose a concept for an innovative product dedicated to the catering industry, based on new applications of technologies and materials already used by the company.New idea contest on desall.com: desall and enofrigo inv <Cropped>

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Doricious by Earnestone

Earnestone Portrays The Doricious Restaurant

Earnestone, the thinktank behind the awarded work Restaurant:DORICIOUS by Earnestone illustrates, Teak wood, taupe paint, matte gold iron decorations and grass lamps add warmth to the space. Details such as wood art, metal elements, mullion glass str <Cropped>

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Tedx University of Guilan-Visual Identity by Nima Rahimiha and Mohammad Hossein Naghibi

Nima Rahimiha and Mohammad Hossein Naghibi Illustrates The Tedx University of Guilan Visual Identity

Nima Rahimiha and Mohammad Hossein Naghibi, the lead designer of the displayed design TEDx University of Guilan by Nima Rahimiha and Mohammad Hossein Naghibi explicates, The objective of the project was to design an identity for the TEDx event that c <Cropped>

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Hotel:new Century Resort Ningbo Shiqifang by Ldpi (china Branch)

Ldpi (china Branch) Presents The New Century Resort Ningbo Shiqifang Hotel

LDPi (China Branch) , the creative mind behind the awarded work Hotel:New Century Resort Ningbo Shiqifang by LDPi (China Branch) demonstrates, The New Century Resort Ningbo Shiqifang hotel lies in Xiepu, a small coastal town in the Zhenhai District o <Cropped>

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Food Packaging by Chrish Knigge

Chrish Knigge Shows The Soul Spice Food Packaging

Chrish Knigge, the architect of the award winning design Soul Spice by Chrish Knigge explicates, SoulSpice offers high-quality organic spices. So the packaging design needed a premium feel while reflecting the brands’ sustainable and natural philos <Cropped>

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Award Winning 5 by 5 Multifunctional Lamp

Maria Oikimus Exhibits The 5 by 5 Multifunctional Lamp

Maria Oikimus, the project leader of the highlighted work Multifunctional Lamp by Maria Oikimus points out, The main idea is spatial transformation. Its aim is to create a simple object that would be interesting not only for adults but also for child <Cropped>

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