Interior Design:bathing At Dawn by Frankie Yu

Frankie Yu Designs The Bathing At Dawn Interior Design

Frankie Yu, the architect of the award winning design Interior Design by Frankie Yu spells out, Being Green is an unaffordable luxury among densely populated residential buildings in the concrete jungle. Therefore, one of the highlights of this desig <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Campanula Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Campanula Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

The designer of the displayed project Salt and Pepper Shaker Set:Campanula by Acclaimed Designer explains, The aim of this design is to improve traditional process of using or salt/pepper or any spice jar simpler and smarter. The minimalistic shape o <Cropped>

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Resort by Faldo Andreo

Faldo Andreo Illustrates The Malika Resort At Lombok Resort

Faldo Andreo, the creative mind behind the award winning project Resort:Malika Resort at Lombok by Faldo Andreo says, Malika is an Oceanfront Resort that located in Lombok Island. The design brings multi-culture theme as a symbolic message of unity i <Cropped>

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Training Center by Li Yuan

Li Yuan Creates The Bit Engineering Training Center Training Center

Li Yuan, the thinktank behind the displayed design Training Center:BIT Engineering Training Center by Li Yuan says, The designers applied abstract symbols derived from the logo to the facade design. The overall architecture is mainly toned in white a <Cropped>

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Poster by Chao Yang

Chao Yang Presents The Open-Jingdezhen Image Poster

Chao Yang, the author of the displayed project Poster by Chao Yang points out, This poster design reflects the traditional city of Jingdezhen ceramics culture, but also reflects the cultural heritage of ceramic. Millennium Jingdezhen porcelain, ceram <Cropped>

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Natural Skincare by Yunsuk Roh and Jae Won Jeong

Yunsuk Roh and Jae Won Jeong Shows The Haruharu Woner Black Rice Line Natural Skincare

Yunsuk Roh and Jae won Jeong, the project leader of the award winning design Award Winning Haruharu Woner Black Rice Line Natural Skincare points out, Haruharu, meaning 'everyday' in Korean, is a natural cosmetic skincare brand that pursues <Cropped>

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Spring World Campus Masters [2015-2019] Selective Graduation Design Program 2020

Show Your Graduation Design

Show your graduation design.

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Multi Purpose Hand Press by Erik Demelo

Erik Demelo Portrays The Kwik Set Multi Purpose Hand Press

Erik DeMelo, the architect of the highlighted project Multi Purpose Hand Press by Erik DeMelo demonstrates, The Multi Purpose Leather Hand Press is an intuitive, universally designed machine that simplifies the lives of everyday leather crafters an <Cropped>

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Artistic Jewelry:phaino by Zoi Roupakia

Zoi Roupakia Creates The Phaino Artistic Jewelry

Zoi Roupakia, the maker of the awarded project Phaino - Artistic Jewelry by Zoi Roupakia says, Phaino is a 3D printed jewelry collection combining art and technology. It consists of earrings and pendants. Each piece is the 3D recreation of a minimali <Cropped>

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Corporate Building:corporativo Financiero Tlalpan by Gerardo Broissin

Gerardo Broissin Shares The Corporativo Financiero Tlalpan Corporate Building

Gerardo Broissin, the maker of the highlighted design Corporate Building:Corporativo Financiero Tlalpan by Gerardo Broissin points out, As the second phase of a 40,000 sqm. expansion, this structure transcends in the context as a well-ordered volum <Cropped>

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