Individual Home Thermostat:the Thermostat For Smartphone by Philippe Starck & Francois Humbert

Philippe Starck & Francois Humbert Portrays The The Thermostat For Smartphone Individual Home Thermostat

Philippe Starck & Francois Humbert , the architect of the highlighted design Individual Home Thermostat by Philippe Starck & Francois Humbert illustrates, The Thermostat for Smartphone presents a minimalist, elegant design, in breach with tra <Cropped>

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Koc Yasam by Ismail Murat Saltipinar

Ismail Murat Saltipinar Designs The Koc Yasam Dormitory

Ismail Murat Saltipinar, the thinktank behind the award winning design Dormitory :Koc Yasam by Ismail Murat Saltipinar explains, Many services designed, managed and created to enhance the quality of life and productivity of the students. In this desi <Cropped>

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Takoma Park House by Robert Nichols

Robert Nichols Spotlights The Takoma Park House Residential House

Robert Nichols, the lead designer of the award winning work Takoma Park House - Residential House by Robert Nichols explains, The house forms a linear structure in a cantilever cube with one being open and the other enclosed.The house is understood f <Cropped>

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Measure by Hidebumi Yamaguchi

Hidebumi Yamaguchi Demonstrates The Milli Second Measure

Hidebumi Yamaguchi, the lead designer of the displayed project measure by Hidebumi Yamaguchi spells out, The casing of the millisecond metal tape measure and fiber measure is manufactured by milling aluminum ingots with the utmost precision. The two- <Cropped>

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C.h Chang, H.a Chang, Y.q Luo and S.c Huang's Marn Hotel Amenities

C.h Chang, H.a Chang, Y.q Luo and S.c Huang Reveals The Marn Hotel Amenities

C.H Chang, H.A Chang, Y.Q Luo and S.C Huang, the architect of the displayed design Marn - Hotel Amenities by C.H Chang, H.A Chang, Y.Q Luo and S.C Huang points out, Having inspiration from the festive snacks of traditional Tainan culture (an old city <Cropped>

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Award Winning Fractal Floor Seat

Andrea Kac Designs The Fractal Floor Seat

Andrea Kac, the lead designer of the award winning design Fractal by Andrea Kac explains, Inspired by origami, Fractal looks through creases and folds to create a flexible surface that adapts to our body and our activities in a quick and simple way. <Cropped>

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Jewellery by Sara Chyan

Sara Chyan Discloses The Emotional Jewellery Jewellery

Sara Chyan, the lead designer of the highlighted work Emotional Jewellery - Jewellery by Sara Chyan illustrates, Temperature plays a major role in Sara's project. The application of bismuth is rarely seen in day to day life. The low melting poin <Cropped>

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Bottle Decor by Studija Creata

Studija Creata Discloses The Lithuanian Vodka Gold. Black Edition Bottle Decor

Studija Creata, the author of the displayed design Bottle decor by Studija Creata explains, The gold-shining “Lithuanian vodka Gold. Black Edition” inherited its exclusive look from Lithuanian folk art. Rhombus and herringbones, combined from lit <Cropped>

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Goes Rock Too-Living by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Goes Rock Too Living

The project leader of the award winning project Acclaimed Designer's Goes Rock too living points out, idouble-height living room where a steel walkway links the different levels somewhat idyllic construction for setting of those proportions room <Cropped>

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Terrace Chalet-Apartment by Bean Buro

Bean Buro Shows The Terrace Chalet Apartment

Bean Buro, the creative mind behind the awarded project Award Winning Terrace Chalet Apartment spells out, The main concept for the apartment features a wooden box at the terrace to connect inside and outside. The raised platform is also considered a <Cropped>

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