Bermuda by Marco Antonio Barba Sanchez

Marco Antonio Barba Sanchez Portrays The Bermuda Seawater Purifier

Marco Antonio Barba Sanchez, the author of the award winning project Seawater Purifier by Marco Antonio Barba Sanchez says, Created for the over 100 million fishermen who don't have resources for equipment. Bermuda is a low cost seawater purifier. Its design is based on the Bermuda triangle , from which its shape derives, this triangle shape is also necessary for the purifier's efficiency. It's inflatable body can be used as a lifesaver. Its lines, textures and colors are soft and friendly to convey a sense of hope in the user and generates a state of alert, that in conjunction with good hydration increases the chances of being saved. In addition, due to its materials and technology can be produced at a low cost..

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